Anyone following Vitesco technologies $VTSC ?

The company develops equipment for electric vehicles as well as internal combustion engines. This company was part of the German automotive group Continental AG from which it became independent in September 2021.

Shares are up 17.2% since listing and are up 30% year-to-date.
What's your view on this German company that was part of Continental?

How do you see Continental's position in today's automotive market?

For me, Continental will always have a place in the automotive industry.

So you believe Continental? Stock price hasn't been doing so well the last couple of years.

The stock hasn't performed quite as expected, but I still believe in them in terms of the industry.

Agreed. I had a chance to look into the production in Brandys and talk to the people who work there and they just reinforced this thinking not only with their work.

I'm glad you see it the same way!