Investors, what are you most interested in and what investment do you have the most money in?

I'm most interested and have the most money in stocks and ETFs and plan to continue to invest in stocks and ETFs. However, I definitely want to include cryptocurrency in my portfolio in the future and when I'm haunted I'd like to buy some bonds as well.

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Pure stocks, ETFs, gold. In the past I was interested in commodities.

Cool :D

Etf, shares, real estate

Great, how is real estate actually doing in the current situation?

The ones I already have are doing very well:D rents are going up. Otherwise in buying on leverage is less profitable now, but by aiming for longterm (30years) so it doesn't matter and now there is more interest in buying again, so they climb up again

The largest representation is definitely in equities and then in forex with daily and etfka minimally, more as a form of savings.

Yeah, I get it :D

What crypto are you going to include in your portfolio otherwise?