The price is already nice, but if it got under $100 it would be even better.

under $100, I wouldn't hesitate here.

I see it the same way, but even the current price is fine by me.

I own and will continue to, I like their shifts, acquisitions. I see it as a positive, they have financing, albeit debt, but which company doesn't, theirs is not a big one that can't be managed and more of these purchases will bring them revenue in the future, the price isn't bad, but I'll wait to buy under $100.

Acquisitions are great and it doesn't always have to be that debt to be bad, anyway with the share price I'll wait for under $100 as well.

That's right, not all debt is bad. I see these acquisitions as very positive, they are cementing their place in the market with a commodity that will generate nice revenue for them, The price below $100 if it gets there will be awesome. 😊