I would like to share here a picture from Bloomberg Terminal that may be of interest to all $ENPH-3.9% investors.

Zdroj: https://x.com/AnalyzingAI/status/1713830932979794430?s=20

We are likely to see a significant slowdown in revenue growth, as many of us expect, but that should return to normal... The question is how long this painful period will last.

Although the $100 price tag may already seem like a very good deal, there may be an opportunity to buy even cheaper... We know what it's like to catch a falling knife. It's hard to time anything, so personally I'll probably opt for a gradual DCA.

Also, thanks for sharing and since I'm a bit off the higher prices in the company, I'm now under $100 overbuying, but only slightly. Personally, I'm still expecting a drop. I kind of suspected that they would have deteriorating results this year after Q2. But as you can see from your picture, they should improve again from mid 2024. Of course, no one knows what will happen at that time, but for this company I am not worried about bankruptcy yet, however, now the hold needs to hold and it may be longer.

Balance sheet looks healthy. Inventories will probably still put pressure on margins though. As you say, hang in there.

Yes, plus the downgrade, I'm sure we'll see the price go lower, but I firmly believe for now that if one holds out and doesn't sell frantically, then it will pay off very nicely for them. 😊

Thanks for sharing