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Investors, how do you feel about $YUM-0.7% stock ? Does anyone have $YUM-0.7% stock in their portfolio?

Shares of $YUM-0.7% have been rising for a long time and the current price is not bad at all for me.

$137.05 -$1.01 -0.73%
1 Day
5 Days
1 Month
6 Months
1 Year
5 Years

I looked at it earlier and completely forgot it existed:D I own $MCD-1.1% from this sector so far

I'd forgotten about this company, too. Otherwise, MCD is obviously a great stock.

I'll think about yum, it really doesn't look bad

I follow the company, I even like KFC more than MC, but I still don't know ...

I understand, I prefer to go to KFC, but from an investment point of view I like MCD better.

Surely it's a better price too and they have more underneath right? ...whereas the MCD is just that. Maybe if one could catch it under that $100 price point ...I can't really imagine how they do with the competition. Like on the drinks, even though it's full of coffee everywhere too, but I went to $SBUX-0.2% because they have awesome marketing, targeting the young and it's really popular, everyone takes pictures with their cups on socks etc ...but here on the food I don't know just. ...But I got a craving for it, I think I'll go get it. 😂