Investors, what is your current approach to stocks?

I've bought and repurchased quite a few stocks lately, so I plan on not buying anything for a few weeks now. I will only buy when a stock drops significantly by a few % to a price I have not had a chance to buy in at. So right now I plan to accumulate cash and wait for bigger drops.

My plan is to buy ETFs and $BRK-B-0.4% regularly, hold the others, and when a good opportunity arises, buy the crab

Cool, I was thinking about $BRK-B-0.4%, but somehow I forgot about it. I'll have to think about it again and maybe I'll buy their shares regularly.

For me it's a great addition to the portfolio and maybe even better than etf

I buy bonds and REITs. 😊

Great, I don't know much about bonds. Could you post maybe some specific ones so I can be in the picture and have an idea of what bonds are being bought now ?

Standard 10y bond or you can also ETF something like $CBU0.L

I'm having the same thing as you right now, I shopped a lot during September so now I keep cash and wait, sometimes it's tricky to sit on my hands but otherwise I wouldn't have a penny left in my account 😅

I agree, sometimes it's really hard to sit on those hands :D