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Interesting observation, after yesterday's Altria $MO+0.5% results:
Philip Morris sells more cigarettes in Indonesia than in the US (Altria).

It's one piece to the puzzle that shows how important emerging markets are in the cigarette business. In Indonesia, for example, almost 30% of the population over 15 years of age smoke.


But that's not news to me, a lot of tobacco focuses on Asia and young adults(or rather kids). If you start early,it's supposedly harder to quit. This was the reason I said no to tobacco :)

It's not new, just a different perspective on the matter. I understand the moral dilemma well, though I don't follow it myself.

I understand:)

Here in Sri Lanka, they're smoking a hundred and six. 😂😂😂

Yeah, I remember that every 2nd one of them was there, which means that the rest smoked passively:D It was impossible to avoid it at that time

But maybe they don't smoke so much in restaurants now?