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A friend and I were having a discussion today on the topic of youth/investing/entrepreneurship and I'd be interested in your opinion as well.

Our topic was: At a young age, does it make more sense for a person to invest heavily or to not push their finances so much into investments and try to start their own business? In order to maximize one's own cash flow and funds, for possible later and more massive investments. We did not come to a clear conclusion, the result of our chatter led to the opinion to split the finances equally for these activities half and half. But if we're going to do something, let's do it properly, shall we? What do you think? Should a young person channel their focus and funds into investments, or should they do everything they can to start their own business? Thanks for your perspectives!

I'm interested in the comments of others here because I'm in the young age group. Right now, I have most of my savings invested. Of course, as someone mentioned in the comments I also need to enjoy, but since I don't have a steady income yet I can't really splurge. When I finish school and have a steady salary I would like to invest enough money but travel the world with the rest, because when you are young you should see the world.

Absolutely, as I wrote to Martin on the comment, I also think you should enjoy the money while you can.

Well if a person knows they want to be in business, and has a plan that makes sense, then I lean towards the option of putting money into the business. But I am definitely not a proponent of starting a business at any cost. If the person is an employee, and doesn't intend to change anything about it anytime soon, then I think it's smarter to invest the money.

Agreed, but on the other hand, isn't it a bit of a shame to remain an employee and not make any changes rather than try to develop independently?

For some, business just isn't. Some people don't like to make changes, especially when those changes are risky.

Absolutely! It's a fascinating debate. I believe a balanced approach is key. Investing can teach valuable financial skills, and starting a business can nurture entrepreneurship. A bit of both might just be the winning combo