I use the services of this company, but I would not buy shares of this company.

That way we have the same

They'd have to come up with some ultra-novelty to make the investment make sense

As Tomas wrote below, great during the covid, but I don't see room to grow here.

Neither did I. It would have to be some kind of cool new thing to set them apart from the competition.

I can't imagine what they could come up with at the moment.

If I'm not mistaken, ZM is mainly held by funds... I don't see much value/moat in the company.

Super thanks

I can't imagine how the company can continue to grow. Great during the covid, horrible after the covid. There are certainly uses, and not small ones, but I can't answer where they want to go.

Me too. They want to get into some repositories and collect subscriptions for that.