S&P 500 ^GSPC
Alphabet GOOG
Nvidia NVDA
Tesla TSLA
Apple AAPL
Amazon AMZN
Microsoft MSFT

$TTCF-24.8% -80%. 😁

I don't know the company, but I'll check it out.

I think there's already been a bankruptcy... Fortunately, it was only about 0.2% ptf. Totally pointless investment.

That's still nice, my biggest loss is on $NIO-6.0% -77% and right behind I have $PYPL+0.1% -74%. They were my first purchases so they were indiscriminate and not justified enough, I look at it completely differently now. But as they say, you learn by making mistakes!

Well, that's quite a drop. Of course, you're absolutely right that you learn by making mistakes.

$PYPL+0.1% -32%

Are you buying at the current price or just holding?

Moderna, Inc got -25% here, but I hold a small position thankfully.

That's great, I also have a small position at PFE, fortunately.

At least it is.

NIO -16% otherwise that $PFE+0.6% has already gotten to the price where I would have bought already so I guess I'll join the club. :D

Great, so the price is still nice, but again, I'm not overdoing it and I'm leaving $PFE+0.6% stock as the smallest position in my portfolio.

Well I don't see this as a bad opportunity in the long run :) Dividend, debt at rest relative to free money the only thing that kind of still puts me off is that I'm already loaded enough in CVS and it's the same sector so to speak. :)

$WBA-2.2% around - 35%

I assume you own WBA stock for the dividend, not the growth.

Northrop Grumman $NOC+0.2% - 15%, I didn't choose good timing on the purchase, but I'm diluting so it's going down slowly.

So cool, I don't know the company at all, but wink at her.