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Take-Two Interactive Software $TTWO-2.7%, let's discuss one small, possible tip

I want to share a tip with you today about this company. But definitely don't take this as a recommendation, just an opinion, a speculation. The company, which is involved in the gaming industry, is mainly famous for a game piece that probably every gamer knows, namely (GTA) Grand Theft Auto.

I don't know much more about this company, of course the gaming industry has affected me in my life too, but the only thing that moved me to be faithful to it for a few years was Blizzard's World of Warcraft, which is now swallowed up by Microsoft.

Back to $TTWO-2.7%. I've been starting to hear around this company for the last few weeks thanks to the sequel to the now serial number 6 GTA game. I don't know about the previous series, but there's even so much buzz around it now, as there's talk of a GTA trilogy being made to appear on Netflix starting December 14. Furthermore, according to the info on the site, we will see the game's unveiling tomorrow, December 5, which was confirmed by Rockstar Games representatives on the X platform.

$147.26 -$4.08 -2.70%
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From November 1 to now, the company has notched up a nice 17.96% growth. I'm sure this news is already priced in, but there's still a lot we don't know, so this month, when the game and the upcoming trilogy are expected to be revealed on Netflix, I'm thinking this could be an interesting opportunity to make a bit of money as well. 💰

What about you, is there anyone who is more interested in this game company? 😊

That looks great. Is it sustainable in the long term?I mean, what news will come now, what are the plans for the future, what will be their main driving force. I'm assuming various gaming innovations, maybe even VR, but I don't know much about their plans.

I understand what you mean and unfortunately I have no idea, I'm just speculating and kind of more of a swing trade, these types of games they make don't do anything for me and I'm just looking to make a profit on this news.

That sounds great. Fingers crossed it's worth a pretty penny:)