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How long will the positive mood in the markets be due to the Fed's announcement?

Friends, today in this short thread I want to invite you to discuss how you feel about the last few days in the markets? 😊 I guess we don't need to discuss yesterday's Powell speech any further. In which key points were made, such as that there are no more interest rate hikes in the pipeline and that there could be up to 3 rate cuts in 2024. 😊

This has unleashed a wave of growth and we are approaching ATH index tops. I personally haven't experienced this yet, I've only been in the market for a year and a few months. I'm used to dips, rises. Last year especially declines, but now although I don't do it, I also boast and these two days are the highest growth I have seen in my portfolio so far.

(sorry for the size, I can't make it smaller)🙈😂 ...I know there are a lot of bigger investors out there, but for me this is a feeling I'm experiencing for the first time. (appreciation yesterday 12/13/23 and today 12/14/23)

I'm asking, especially those of you who have been in the markets for a long time and have experienced various situations, is it too much, or do you find it odd how much the Fed has suddenly reversed? The question that comes to mind is, aren't they afraid of some bigger mess, see the US debt?

Most of the time it was a departure, accompanied by a slump, I honestly don't understand this at all, how is that possible:D

But I guess there's too much money in the world or something.

If I'm gonna short it, it's gonna be a Tesla. I believe it will go down next year.

So that's an interesting opinion and if that were the case, you could make a nice short on it, that's a fact because it's quite volatile. 😊

So I remembered an older link, that we are going to have next year: https://www.seznamzpravy.cz/clanek/tech-technologie-trhy-se-myli-slavna-investorka-vysvetluje-co-nas-ceka-237865

It's a real possibility.

Thanks for the link and the addition, I'm going to go read it. 👍

Ever since I saw the period marked on the charts when the Fed started cutting rates, it was accompanied by a drop in stocks. But I don't dare say how it will be. The Fed may have put the brakes on, but the US industry is slowing down.

I looked at the history too and it was that when rates were cut, the recession and the slump came. As you write, the industry is slowing down and that means it could be, two consecutive lower GDP and we have it ...i feels a bit like the Fed wanted this on purpose because a recession would allow them to print more money not and thus slap on the debt? 😂

I suspect America has a different definition of recession. In fact, if I am not mistaken, GDP has already fallen two quarters in a row.