S&P 500 ^GSPC
Nvidia NVDA
Amazon AMZN
Alphabet GOOG
Microsoft MSFT
Tesla TSLA
Apple AAPL

Certainly $O+1.1%, but also Poland's PKN Orlen. I also like the US bank $C+2.5%.

Super thanks:)

For me also $O+1.1% and then maybe $CVS-0.8% and $VICI+0.8%.

Great :) thanks

I didn't know about the $EQNR-1.3% 🙂 you surprised me again with some good action 😃👍

I would like to get$STLA+0.0% at least to $20 hopefully but I will throw something higher because I would take it for x years anyway 🙂

I'm glad! It's kind of a decent alternative to American oilmen, I'd say. Plus, I like it in light of the geographic/currency diversification, if you take it in Norwegian kroner. I missed the really cheap prices, but under $30 makes sense to me personally. (I don't recommend anything! 😃)

I don't know$EQNR-1.3%, I'll check it out.Thanks :)