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The story that got me into investing and changed my life.

Friends, it's the end of 2023 and I think we're all enjoying a moment of peace and quiet. We don't interfere too much with the portfolio and will be watching closely to see what the next year brings. 😊 Because this site and community is growing beautifully. I appreciate being one of those who create posts for you and I also enjoy reading yours, which inspire me many times, so I decided to add a little bit about myself. To go as they say, with skin in the game and show what brought me to the path of investing. 😊

How to get started. I'll save the sauce about myself for other places, or for a personal meeting. I'm 31 years old, information, which I've noticed has quite an impact in investing. There are more and more young people today who are starting to see this and it's very good. What I wouldn't give today to have this mindset at 20 years old. 😊 I've been here at Bulios since April this year and was brought in by a leg injury, sick leave and an interest in moving somewhere in the investment world. I'm very happy for that and have made a significant step thanks to this community. 😊

I started investing full time in August of 2022. So a year and 5 months ago. What was I doing before that? ...Well, I was an ordinary kid who played hockey, there the dream dissolved because I'm from a very pared down family where there was no money so I had to study. But like many, I wasn't a kid who knew what he wanted to do and so after not finishing my university studies, I was tempted by a close person and started a business. I was 22 years old at the time and I became a partner in the company. Within a year, I was a millionaire. But as it happens, young, no experience and on my own, I was blind to the taste of money and overlooked the lies, scams that were created on my easily gained confidence in the partner. The next year I found the finances disappearing and the firm sinking. I don't want to mention specifics, I'm sure you understand, but simply put, by my naivety and stupidity I let myself be made, as they say in this business, a "white horse". 🙈

Well, a life well lived. I was 24 years old then. Bankrupt company. Lawsuits, even a deal with the police. It all worked out well for me, I was found to be an idiot. Even though it was an LLC, the debt that was created went after me, I had to cover the liability in my name at the time. And so at 25, I filed for personal bankruptcy. And that was the turning point. Moreover, when my then-girlfriend dumped me after a year, (she was not worse off, I was still paying rent, utilities and saving for vacations, etc). And the day came when I found myself with nothing but a bag in my hand, a few hundred in my bank account, at a train station among the homeless, wondering where I was going to lay my head. ...Luckily, I didn't stay there and I had friends to call. I can remember like it was yesterday when I got a studio apartment and sat there, for the first month, in an empty apartment, on the floor, sleeping, eating, clothes piled against the wall, with only my cell phone and laptop in my hand. When you have a bankruptcy, or insolvency, back then they kept about 10 thousand crowns out of my paycheck. So there wasn't a lot of jumping around. The first month I had a fridge to keep my groceries in, and the next month I finally didn't sleep on the floor anymore, but on the couch. 😊

I've been detailing a lot and I'd like to be able to read to the end. What I would like to say with this message. Keep your head up no matter what situation you are in! 💪 I have started to gradually change my mindset. Learning. Don't whine. To do other things besides work. And because I grew up in sports, hockey, which is not an easy environment either, I started to train kids and later adults in the gym for a while and that taught me how to work with my psyche, to get to know a lot of people and different stories. Motivating and trying to have discipline. That's why, since August 2022, when my personal bankruptcy ended, I started investing. In that one year and 5 months I managed to put 11k dollars, something around 250k in stocks. roughly 32k in gold and 15k in cryptos. (Just kidding, although I'm interested, but I started late with that) Furthermore, although I love investing and have goals in it, I'm also trying to live it. Getting on my feet. He's bought nice things for me. (iPhone, Mac, bike) I go out into the world every year and if there is a partner, I like to indulge with her too. 😁

I'm not saying all of this to brag please, even though I'm proud of how much I manage to put aside in a year, on a regular salary of a person living in the north. I'm writing this to motivate and show that you can start anytime! And with anything! As you can see, I didn't start until I was 30 years old, and with my bare ass, literally. 🙈

I know I've already discussed this with a few people here so I decided to go with the skin in the game as they say. Life is one big story that teaches us and it's up to each of us to take the good or bad from it! 😊 If even one person is inspired by this I will be glad and even happy to read your stories. 😊 Never be ashamed of anything, we all write our own story that is special in some way. So have a wonderful New Year, may it be the one you make it! 🥂🍀💪♥️

Wow, it's incredible and a great respect. Lukas, this story is fascinating and inspiring. The way you were able to start off 30 years old with that bare ass is not something just anyone can do, and almost everyone in that situation and age would have continued living the same life and not made any changes. It's also great that even beyond that you've met the goals you set for yourself. It's all about the barrel and the mindset and for me the mindset is terribly important and maybe the most important thing. Fingers crossed and I look forward to next year's story, as you'll be back at it again with that attitude and mindset.

Thanks a lot Luky! I'm looking forward to meeting you this year. 😊 Otherwise, yes, sometimes they say it's harder to stand up later than at 20 after a broken heart. 😂 I don't mean to make light of it, I've fooled around for women too and maybe I still will. 😂 I've experienced some people, as you write, they continued on the same wave, or worse, fell into drugs and then that's even more of a bummer. I beat myself up for it all the time because I wanted to have a little house and a family in it by 30. Hold on, I moved it up 5 years. Anyway, I try not to stay put and I wish that for everyone. Keep discipline but also treat yourself every now and then, reward yourself and it can be in any way, like good food. My goal for this year, so for me, is mainly to move further in knowledge, then add some more capital to my portfolio and in the future years gradually approach financial freedom. 😊

So I wish you the same, may you thrive and be happy. 🥂

Well, that's great, and you have a great attitude about it. I believe and also look forward to meeting you this year and chatting :D

It's pretty motivating, and a person who doesn't experience a few hundred in the bank and rent in front of them that they have to pay might be able to imagine it a bit, but that reality is miles away when you're in that situation. I've been in it myself but not as much as you no less with investments it's just the way it is for me the one who doesn't get burned will never have as good an experience as those who get burned by a bigger investment and it doesn't matter if it's stocks,crypto,a company... These experiences can't be bought, you just have to experience it, that's why I often tell people that they can "buy" these experiences cheaper by investing with common sense and a calm head, which is quite difficult for beginner investors and traders and then they end up at zero when they learn from their mistake, but it's a very expensive lesson... Thanks for the story and all the best for the new year hopefully we will each get a big step forward towards our dreams 👍

Thanks a lot Jirko and I fully agree. Some people even take it as a cliché, as they say that it's just a school that no physical school can prepare you for and it doesn't matter what degree you have etc. Unfortunately, one learns best when falling down than flying up and as you say, I also agree and always tell people, yes, try it, invest in yourself, assets or business, but with wisdom and expect to lose, but make it such that it hits as little as possible. 😊 So have a great year next year, may it be successful in every way. 🥂

Lukáš, your story is really very inspiring for me and certainly for others. You're a dude for making it through and taking it to a whole other level. I hope it will continue like this! Until the New Year, I wish you and everyone else the best in both investing and everyday life. Enjoy every day and don't forget to invest :)

Thanks a lot, Christopher. I'm trying, one of the drivers for me is just the possibility of maybe helping someone by inspiring them, I don't mean that I'm somehow great, but that even those who maybe feel down right now, so that this makes them think and pick themselves up. 😊 I wish you the best for the year ahead as well, both in investments and but most importantly in your personal life. 🥂

Thank you very much. The main thing is to enjoy the life and keep doing things that make sense and fulfill you :)

👍Not many people could do this, I was just a few times without work and drew smileys on beer caps for girls pretending to be an artist.😂 https://bulios.com/status/93403

Thank you and I wish you all the best for the next year. 😊🥂 ...so that's a nice story and it's a pity that the smileys were only on the lid, they could be drawn elsewhere. 😜 Nah, I'm just lightening it up a bit and otherwise, I threw a comment in there too. The art is cool, but I'm not good at it, so I'd stick with the ingots as I broke it down there. 😊


Hats off :)

Thank you. Have a good one. 😊🥂


Hats off :)

Once again, I must say that I bow not only for your progress, but also for your transparency - you just don't see that! I am curious to see what the next year will bring and I wish you all the best!

Thanks again! Yes, I think sometimes it is necessary to be transparent, there are people and there are still enough of them who need a "kick" and to see that anything goes. I'm also curious but I believe there will be a shift again. So keep it up! 😊🥂

A very super inspiring story. 👍 Too bad it didn't work out in January, but I believe we will meet in person sometime, either in the Czech Republic or somewhere abroad. 👊

Thanks, buddy, and I know for a fact that we'll meet in 2024. 👍 I'll look forward to it. 😊