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Investors, what do you think of $CRWD+0.0% stock ?

$CRWD+0.0% stock is up about 150% over the past year. I would very much like to include shares of this company in my portfolio as this company is in a very interesting and important sector, however the stock is currently expensive and I would buy up to under $180.

$311.49 $0.58 +0.19%
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Growth suprovy, tedjen pozoruji z povzdal, because it is nevlastnim

I get it, it's a great company, but the stock is expensive no.


an interesting but, mentally, really expensive company.

I agree

I got quite a bit in there and buying an average of 160, but I wanted to get a lot more in there. Next target is 300 even though the stock is already expensive people are buying it anyway like Nvidia :D

The important thing will be what the reaction is to the previous ATH if it sends it down, so it could go on discount. But so far it looks pretty strong and I don't regret CRWD's 22% overall because I saw a lot of potential in it, but I'm a bit disappointed that it didn't wait a bit more I wanted to buy more. :)

A price of around $160 would be great :D. Otherwise the comparison with Invidia is good and true.

I understand and agree. I have the same thing with AAPL. I shopped around the $130 price point and I'm very sorry I didn't put a lot more into it.