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Hello investors and Bulios family!

After two weeks I am back from my travels on the island of Madeira, which I have been traversing crosswise, and I will finally get back to communicating with you here. I didn't take anything with me because I wanted to switch off from everything, nor did I follow the stock market and the investment world for 14 days. Let's do a little recap.

Of course, I haven't forgotten about representing this great group. 👍

Anyway, I haven't touched the portfolio yet this year and overall, I'm a bit behind in the news happenings, I'll catch up with everything gradually over the next week. Since I've been out, I've been watching that we've reached a new ATH in the indices, which is quite interesting, personally I wouldn't expect that to happen now, so what will we see when interest rates really start to come down? ...

Next I just had a quick scan of the site so far, I really like that I keep seeing new faces here and there and our group is growing. So it's going to take me a while to get through everything, but it's very positive. Inoticed that was asking and creating a poll for the reunion. Then I also spotted on the poll where who is from. I'm glad this caught on, I already talked about this last year and I just want to say please hang in there folks, we'll definitely get together. 😊 I'm happy to take this on as more than one person has already asked for this, I'm in contact with Milan and we'll work it out, plan it. 👍 And I have some ideas so that everyone from different regions can come and chat.

Okay friends, I have more work ahead of me now, but gradually I'm looking forward to commenting with you again, and I'll start adding a little bit too.

For now, I'd love it if you could let me know in the comments how this investment year has started for you, what your portfolios for the month of January have been like and most importantly, let me know how you feel about the situation, what important things have happened? 😊 ...I know now we have the earnings season coming up, which will be very interesting, and on Jan 31st I think, the meeting, the Fed statement. So I expect some of that increased volatility.

I see a reunion in Madeira:)

It looks beautiful from this photo alone. So I'm adding Madeira to my list!
I also haven't spent much time on the stock exchange since the beginning of the year because of exams. But nothing much has really happened, my portfolio is pretty much standing still, but I'm not complaining... 😁

It is beautiful for views and tours, if you do not want to roll by the sea but to walk through the beauty of nature, I recommend it. 👍 So hopefully the exam turned out well and my portfolio has dropped slightly for January so far, but I don't mind, I'll be looking forward to at least shopping/buying. 😁

It turned out great. 👍 Rested, so cheers to that!

So you're finally back. 👍It's nice to get away like this sometimes. The year started off normally investment-wise, but I've also already done Greece, and two days ago I bought tickets to Australia for April. 😉👍

Hi Marty, yes it is and it helped me quite a bit. You and I are gonna meet this year. You enjoyed Greece too and wow, Australia, what a blast!!! 👍

Yeah I had a great time in Greece, met a lot of cool people and even visited the Athens Stock Exchange. 😉

Otherwise, it's still a long way away, but I might be in Prague on Saturday, the day before I fly to Australia. 😉