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Today in the aftermarket, $DIS+0.7%will report results . I included DIS stock in my portfolio some time ago and I trust the company and believe Disney stock will rise again in the coming years.

Do you own shares of $DIS+0.7%, or do you prefer $NFLX+1.1% or $WBD+0.9%?



$111.55 $0.75 +0.68%
Target Price
149.47 (+33.99% Upside)

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I'm holding Dis, too. :)

Great, I'm holding on and I'll hold on for a long time.

What time horizon are you planning?

Dis and I hold:)


Results not bad

I have$DIS+0.7% and even already in slight profit :) We'll see how this company does going forward,. It'll be interesting to see.

Great, I'm about 10%+ there too, but I'd welcome more growth.

Great! Mine might get to that 10% if it opens today where it did in the aftermarket :)