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Have a nice Saturday,

In the last few days $GOOGL-1.0% has launched a new version of the Gemini smart assistant, although not yet in EU countries. But here I can try Gemini Advanced for free for 2 months, and it should be much more powerful than Bard. After the trial period topak will cost 550 Kc/month, the same as ChatGPT.

Anyone else going to try using Gemini? And how do you think it will move $GOOGL-1.0%stock ? I'm hoping up :)

$137.13 -$1.33 -0.96%
Target Price
141.26 (+3.01% Upside)

I think the stock will go up and as for the assistant, I'm going to buy chatgpt ultra now ( although I wrote to you about it a few months ago, I only got around to it and decided now). I mean, just chatgpt for now.

I understand:)