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Interesting events coming up in the coming week! 🌐📈

US Inflation (Tuesday):

On Tuesday, we will hear important data on inflation in the US. This data may influence the Fed' s decision . The expectation for the annual rate is 2,9 % and for month-on-month,
growth of 0,2 %.

Coca-Cola $KO+0.0%Results (Tuesday):

The beverage giant tends to be an indicator of economic activity. What kind of results are you expecting? 🥤💹

Cisco $CSCO+0.0% Earnings (Wednesday):

Technology Giant. Will affect AI their results?

US Retail Sales (Thursday):

Let's watch consumer behavior, see what it tells us about the state of the economy.

Unemployment Claims (Thursday):

How is the US economy recovering? Unemployment data will provide a clear picture.

New York Fed and Philadelphia Fed Manufacturing Survey (Thursday):

Industrial pulse - how are manufacturers in the eastern and western US?

FOMC Member Waller's Speech (Thursday):

Every Word Fed has weight in the markets. What does Mr. Waller will tell us this time?

Coinbase $COIN+0.0%earnings (Thursday):

What will be the impact of the results on this dynamic area of the market?

US PPI Inflation (Friday):

An economic indicator that measures inflationary pressures at the producer level. The PPI consists of prices for raw materials, semi-finished and finished goods, and provides information on price trends at various stages of the production process.

Consumer Sentiment (Friday):

Refers to consumers' overall attitudes and opinions regarding economic conditions and their personal financial prospects.

Watch this data and be prepared! What do you expect or will you be watching in the week ahead? 📊💡

Thanks for the info, it's going to be quite an interesting week that will give the Fed the numbers again and investors speculation on where this could go. 😊

So inflation hasn't been pretty, what do you expect the Fed's response to be?

Oh no, the markets dropped nicely, but today it looks fine, anyway, there will be more data. The market is just strong right now due to technology or AI in my opinion, the Fed will have to come up with something bigger to bring it down in my opinion. Otherwise the reaction that the next cut will be in June.

Thank you for the summary, I'm probably most curious about US inflation right now

Thank you for your comment!

I do thank you for the info :)

A super lift of events! Thank you.

I do thank you for the feedback!

You're welcome!