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A lot of investors, including myself, hold stocks for the long term. But I've now encountered that it's quite a different time horizon for everyone. Some people hold long term for 5 years, some for 10 years and some for 30+ years.

I pomentally held my first stock the longest and now it's 11 years and I'll easily add another 20 and probably more to that.

How about you?

Definitely long term, as I started investing relatively young, so I can see myself holding it for at least another 30 years and increasing it regularly.

Also :)

I have been investing since 2019, except for regular index/LVMH investing, I spin individual titles more on short-term trades than long-term trades (even within trading, i.e. minutes, hours at most.)

Wow, that's kind of time-consuming, isn't it?

I always keep the time horizon from half past 4 (when the us stock exchange opens) to 5 max, so I can cover volatility, so it's not that time consuming.

They have been investing for less than a year and the shares I hold all the time are maybe three of the former 20+ shares now that I have reduced it to about 12, but the less I have the more confident I am that it is again for a longer period of time of course there are exceptions that at some price I would sell some. 🙂 But the vast majority are for a few years let's say min. 5 years.

20+ shares is a lot, I have 18 and I think it's better to have 12 and hold and not have to think about it at all :)

I know that, but I take it according to the potential of the stock in the future and if I find enough quality stocks even 30 so I'll have them at a good price 😃 but there are not so many of them when we compare the price 🙂 do not worry about the price you can find even 100 but the price just decides... 😃

Can I ask what kind of action is this?


So for me the basis of longevity is the time test. After that, I will judge whether to hold on or go for something more promising and risky but again for at least three years, or on the contrary, safer for which I then assume an even longer-term hold - forever 😂

The time test is the basis, I wouldn't want to pay tax on it. Holding it forever is actually an inheritance for the kids:D

Oh, yeah, and I'll just add that investment forever doesn't have to be just stocks, how about real estate 😉

Wow, I'm just thinking of pitching a similar discussion here now too, just with when one would have an opinion on profit taking. ...Anyway, on your topic, I've only been investing in stocks for about a year and a half, so that's my longest holding as well, and I intend to hold something for longer, maybe 20 years as you write. Of course I also sometimes buy something that I only hold for a while, be it a week, a month, a quarter and then sell again at a profit.

And what prevails within your portfolio?