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💼 Deere & Company $DE+0.1%, a well-known primarily under the John Deere brand, just announced great results!

$400.32 -$0.28 -0.07%
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$DE+0.1%, is not just a traditional agricultural machinery manufacturer, but a key player in the transformation of the agri-food industry. Their innovative approach to technology, particularly in precision farming (the aim is to make more efficient use of resources such as water, fertiliser and pesticides, while maximising yields) and automation, is bringing new opportunities to agriculture. With its excellent financial performance and long history, it is becoming not only a strong player in the market but also an inspiration for investors looking for long-term growth and sustainability.

📊 EPS: $6.23 (Estimate $5.33)

💰 Revenue: $12.19 billion (estimate $11.48 billion)

🔍 Even though the results dramatically exceeded analysts' expectations the stock price is down more than 5 %📉. The unpleasant news is that the company is lowering its outlook for FY24 to USD 7.75 billion (USD 7.75 billion to USD 8.25 billion).

The company is also emphasizing investment in modern solutions, illustrated through its partnerships in satellite communications to expand connectivity in rural areas.

🧐 What do you think of the company's performance? Does anyone own shares $DE+0.1%?

Nicely written. I like the company probably the most out of this sector, but I'll wait for a better price.

Thank you very much, let's see where we get after the worse price outlook.

I like what they're doing. I'm not super environmentalist, but I like the environment and I cheer for companies who try to go somehow in it. Like yes, there are an awful lot of people and we literally plunder the planet often for the unnecessary need to have a lot of everything, but when someone tries to do it more efficiently, which includes some consideration for the environment, I'm a fan. I started following the stock when it was over $400, so now the price is nice, but just as you wrote, by lowering the outlook I'm wondering if they'll wait and go even lower 🤔😊.

It's quite possible that we're looking at even more interesting prices.

If so, I'll go for it.