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Microsoft MSFT $416.50 -2.95%
Nvidia NVDA $1,118.31 -2.61%
Alphabet GOOG $173.67 -2.10%
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🚗✨ German star in the automotive industry! 🌐📈

Company shares Mercedes-Benz Group $MBG.DE+0.7% Were up over 5% yesterday after the company announced exciting results and a share buyback! 🚀📊

€65.93 €0.46 +0.70%

Operating profit of 4.33 billion EUR recorded a decrease of 20,1 %, with total sales down by 1,8 % at 40.26 billion TheMercedes-Benz Cars unit saw a decrease of 3,2 %.

Earnings per share amounted to 2,99 EUR, a decrease of 19,7 % compared to the previous year (3,72 EUR).

📈 However, the positive news is the sales growth of the Mercedes-Benz Vansdivision by 9,7 % and the Mercedes-Benz Mobility division by 2,2 %.

The company plans to pay a dividend of EUR 5.3 per share, up from EUR 5.2 last year . 7,6 %.

The new buyback programme worth up to EUR 3 billion confirms confidence in a stable future. 🔄💡

Despite these successes, the Mercedes challenges in the supply chain that complicate faster growth. The company points to significant risk factors related to geopolitics and trade policy. 🌐🛑

For the year 2024 However, the company sees steady growth, adjusting to inflation and optimizing costs in the supply chain. 📈💼

Analysts Jefferies praised the cash-back policy as a sign of confidence. 💼👍

CEO Ola Källenius, highlights strong numbers and readiness to face macroeconomic challenges. 🔍

Although the company faces a challenging environment and geopolitical tensions, Mercedes it remains steadfast in its investment in future development. It is planning a new generation of products, particularly in the field of electric vehicles from 2025.🌍💪

"We are well underway with the development of new technologies and a wide range of products for the coming years," declares Källenius. 🚀🔮

What do you think of this long-established premium car manufacturer? What are your favourite car companies? 🌐🔧

So that's very good news, which I like, but I don't have Mercedes stock in my portfolio and probably don't want it. I only have $P911.DE+2.2% in my portfolio from this sector.

If you have a Porsche, that's good enough for you.

This is a great move :) it really gives me more confidence that they will be well off

Do you have Mercedes shares? They are one of my favourite European car companies!

I don't have a car company, I tried to pick one up last year, but in the end I decided it probably wasn't the segment for me