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🚀 Berkshire Hathaway delivers again! 📈💰

Warren Buffett and his team at Berkshire Hathaway $BRK-A showed us their efforts over the past year in the investment world today! 🏆 They announced their second record profit for the year, with a surprising increase in quarterly results.

$413.48 -$3.46 -0.83%

Operating profit for the latest quarter climbed up by a staggering 28 %reaching $8.48 billion, or approximately $5,884 per Class A share . That's a magnificent improvement from last year when we were at $6.63 billion.

Net income for fourth quarter more than doubled to reach 37,57 billion, representing USD 26,043 per share Class A. A significant increase from last year, when we were at USD 18.08 billion.

Buffett warns, however, that net results can be misleading, as they include gains and losses on investments that Berkshire ...did not sell. 📉📈

Total for the year 2023 reported Berkshire a respectable 96,2 billion dollars of net income, beating the old record set in 2021which was $89.9 billion. Although in 2022 faced a stock market downturn and the loss of a large 22.8 billion dollars, this year they came back stronger than ever!

What do you think Buffett has planned with that much cash?

Anyone investing in stocks right now using $BRK-B-0.8%? Seems like a great long term investment to me where you can just keep buying up stocks ! 💡💼

I'm eating them dca

He is certainly happy to invest the spare cash profitably so that shareholders can benefit as much as possible. He probably doesn't see many options at the moment and will still hold some amount for the insurance companies and in case their shares trade below a fair price.