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US government shutdown - postponed again.

Lawmakers quickly averted the threat of a weekend government shutdown, passing a short bill in the House of Representatives and then in the Senate. The deal will allow funding for some parts of the government, but only for a week.

The move is intended to buy time for negotiations, but the deal still faces a tight timetable. The agreed-upon portion of the funding includes key government agencies, but the remaining bills will be debated before March 22.

( March 22 is the deadline for the remaining six bills that are essential to the functioning of the government. These bills cover some of the most controversial areas of government, such as the Pentagon, the Department of Homeland Security and the White House itself. If these laws are not passed by then, these government agencies and services risk shutting down. This deadline represents an important deadline for lawmakers trying to resolve differences and reach agreement on government funding. )

Political divisions over policy amendments make negotiations difficult. Republicans are pushing priorities like funding for Planned Parenthood, while Democrats are opposed.

So far, this is just a short message during Friday's debate. I want to follow this again because I think it's pretty important and should be talked about too, not just specific actions. The whole month of March will revolve around this topic so I will try to always add information to this. 😊

Thanks for the post, I completely forgot about it:)

Thanks too, and yes, me too. But now in March we'll hear more about it, I think. 😊

I guess so, but I'm curious to see what this year will be like in the US in terms of politics

@danieladuong Me too, especially if Trump wins.

Is he here again? I missed it somehow. 😂

I've also somehow neglected to mention it now, a friend pointed it out to me. Unfortunately yes, here again and in my opinion so they will somehow agree or come close to it and possibly push the rest back again. This year around the election will be all promises and hopefully calm, a government that allowed this to happen would probably not have much success. 😂

Yeah, well. 😂