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Do you buy, hold or sell $BTCUSD+2.9%?

The$BTCUSD+2.9% is going up nicely and slowly it looks like it could get to$100,000. I was buying $BTCUSD+2.9% a few months ago for little money to make up a max of 10% of my portfolio. I'm currently holding but will not be overbought.


Bitcoin USD

$63,086.22 $1,804.36 +2.94%
1 Day
5 Days
1 Month
6 Months
1 Year
5 Years

I have about 0.05% of the portfolio :D and I'm holding

So you didn't like cryptocurrencies very much :D

For me, it's a Spanish village

@danieladuong I understand, I don't understand all the stuff either, but around that 10% it will be.

@billcombs I mostly don't even keep track :D and it always gets to me when I get info that it's growing but it's already pretty expensive :D

@danieladuong clear I get it, here at BTC it's really fast and I don't keep track of it either. A few days ago it was at 60,000 and today it's at 70,000.

@billcombs just:D

I'm shopping and will keep :)

Great :)