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February wages in the US

Nice Friday night, like every month we have the end of the week reports around unemployment and I see the numbers haven't dropped yet today. So, in a nutshell, the report shows that U.S. employers created 275,000 job openings in February, more than expected according to economists surveyed by The Wall Street Journal, around 198,000. The unemployment rate is 3.9%. Economists had expected a rate of 3.7%.

The news is a positive for the Fed as it shows a slight cooling in the labor market and that is what Jerome Powell and others want. Even so, we still see the indices falling at the end of the day today. Nvidia, for example, erased gains from earlier in the day and is down almost 6% so far.

As you investors close out the week, is today just a "profit taking, minor correction" that is normal or are we in for another week of a reversal in the bullish trend in the stock market? 😊

Pretty good unemployment... It would be nice to go a little higher.

It does, so that the Fed would finally be more inclined to cut rates and the reits, for example, would have some breathing room.

Friday wasn't much of a success, I sold a few $CSPX.L-0.5% at the beginning and bought a few $QS+2.0% I would have done better if I had waited until the end. But I did reduce my QS buying a bit and so overall the week is OK.

Yes, he wasn't green. But I'm hoping it was just profit taking/liquidity and we'll gradually go further up again, the hype around AI isn't over yet. 😊 The selling of the index, why did you do it? ...Was it just a trade or something, as the index man to have long term, it will surely appreciate. And otherwise buying $QS+2.0% I don't know the company I'll admit, but it's cheap which can be nice.

If I'm not mistaken this could be their battery https://smartmania.cz/porsche-mission-x-se-nejspise-dostane-do-vyroby-s-vykonem-1-500-koni-pujde-o-nejrychlejsi-model-znacky/

And you can imagine what that would mean 🤞

It was to raise more money for the QS I started by selling the clean energy ETF at a loss and the S&P ETF at a gain so that the result would be tax neutral. In doing so, I substantially reduced the "safe" portion of the portfolio in favor of QS. But I consider the risk of QS to be less after VW confirmed the functionality of their battery samples, so I gave it significantly more weight in the portfolio.

@cliffordbarclay wow thanks a lot, I'll check it out. 👍

@cliffordbarclay That looks interesting, I'll check it out!