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Oracle's Performance and Future $ORCL

Yesterday we had the results of this technology company, which I don't want to give much of an introduction or even rehash specific numbers. You can find it all here, in the stock description https://bulios.com/ticker/ORCL and also in the Flash News, the specific numbers and the footage of the results presentations. 😊 What I do like and am interested in your take on the future of the stock, though, are the collaborations.

The company is up about a nice 13% today in premarket and of course that's due to very good results, but also due to the collaboration with Nvidia.

Why is the partnership between them good? The$ORCLis-1.6%famous for its legacy database business, which is an essential IT component for large enterprises around the world. Over the past five decades, it has fostered a robust software development ecosystem.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure supports developers in creating powerful applications for a variety of environments. The recent strategic partnership with Nvidia aims to enhance Oracle's AI capabilities and offer high-performance services to enterprises, strengthening its position in the industry.

The collaboration with Nvidia will strengthen Oracle's association with it, potentially enabling higher profits, and Nvidia's positive developments may impact ORCL stock. The investment in ORCL, which is currently priced at just one-eighth of NVDA, offers traders the opportunity to benefit from the tech giant's success.

In addition to Nvidia, Oracle has a growing customer base, most notably McDonald's, Walmart and Uber.



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CEO Safra Catz said that Oracle expects to continue receiving significant cloud infrastructure orders due to high demand for their Gen2 AI infrastructure outstripping supply.

Despite the rapid expansion of cloud data centers, demand continues to exceed capacity. Catz further noted that approximately 43% of the $80 billion backlog will be converted to revenue over the next four quarters.

When demand exceeds supply, prices typically rise, which is true for Oracle's cloud solutions. This bodes well for the future of ORCL stock, indicating a promising outlook for the future.

I quite like this news and it looks very positive. AI is just something that we can't stop and plenty of companies have already taken off because of it, but here I think the price is still pretty low and there could be potential. What do you think of this company. Of course who held before so congrats on today's growth. 💰😁

I must admit that I was expecting a slight price correction during today's session. But it didn't come and it looks like it will continue to new highs. Very nice results. This is what it should look like. But now it's pretty stretched out like most of the market.

I agree, I expected it too, cord after CPI was not as expected. I'll be watching it because I like the report, but I too would have preferred to have seen it sooner.

Somehow it all went up after the inflation. But I didn't get the stock at a better price either...

@ashraf_dd Me too not exactly well maybe so AMD but still only one small position. Oh and Blackrock still managed to catch me quite a bit. Otherwise, I guess just as one is not years long in the market, one doesn't want to believe right away that the trend is already reversing and I also waited longer to be sure we are out of the 2022 crashes.

@mondaydayton yeah, it's pretty similar for me. Some titles have caught on nicely, but the majority, which was practically the entire market just fled...Those opportunities are still there though and will be!

@ashraf_dd Agreed, it may come as a cliché now and I myself always have to come to terms with it somehow, but the truth is. there will always be some opportunity in the market due to how big it is. 😊

@mondaydayton Exactly. It's important not to look at what hasn't come out for too long so that it doesn't piss people off. With trading, the key is to immediately turn off the chart of the stock after selling and not worry about it anymore :)

@ashraf_dd Super point on the trading thing, I'll follow that when I fall into it more. 😊