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Could come in handy :) The days of having over 6% on a savings account are probably coming to an end soon, so it may come in handy for some that Trading212 for example (but also other brokers) offer a nice % interest when you have free funds with them, for example for DCA payments etc.

Trading212 currently CZK 6% and USD 5.1%.

It may be a little, but it's better than nothing :)

Great stuff for me and I want to move some money there in the near future.

It's cool :)

For me a cool thing too. They're tiny because there are still a little bit of some conditions, probably different for each broker a little bit, I personally use eToro. But it's a nice thing, it changes a lot too, because I don't know how everybody's balance changes a lot, but for me, anyway, it's definitely a good move from the brokers. 😊

I think it's great that you can leave some money in there for a quick purchase and at least that few % a year will be appreciated