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How is your portfolio spread out? How much of your portfolio is stocks and how much is ETFs?

I used to try to keep 50% in stocks and 50% in ETFs, but I've changed that a bit recently and since I'm still young and have no problem taking more risk, I currently have 70% in stocks and 30% in ETFs.

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Within the stock market more than 50%etf

But stock is not the only thing:)

It's obvious to me, if your real estate was factored in, it would come out completely different :D

@billcombs it neither :D but I have also stamps :D where the purchase value 7 years ago 240 kc and now they are valued at 12000, so % great but it's a piddly amount :D

@danieladuong Great, so interesting. It's a diversification, but also a nice diversification of the portfolio.

Cool :D

plus the BRK hospitals, where they are now also building a good %

@danieladuong Yeah I've been watching BRK and the appreciation there is currently very nice.

Definitely 50/50.

Cool :D

Less than 10% in ETFs and the rest in 12 stocks. (Not counting BTC and gold)

Great, well I have a bit more of those stocks, but I'm still somewhere around the norm.