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Lowe's Companies, Inc.: Stable dividend king and long-term growth

Stable Dividend King: Lowe's Companies, Inc. $LOW+0.4% is a dividend king with 51 years of continuous dividend increases, providing investors with certainty and stability. With a current quarterly dividend of $1.10 per share and a trailing 12-month yield of 1.96%, this is an attractive option for dividend investors.

Long-Term Strategy: Despite slightly disappointing results in fiscal 2023, Lowe's $LOW+0.4% is focused on long-term benefits, underscored by its investment in share repurchases and innovative strategy. In the past year, the company spent $6.3 billion on share repurchases involving 29.9 million shares, bolstering investor confidence in its steady performance.

Expanding Earnings Potential: Despite declining sales, Lowe's $LOW+0.4% has maintained an upward earnings per share curve, indicating growing earnings potential and long-term viability. From $1.58, earnings per share reached $1.77, indicating the company's strength even in a mild economic downturn.

What is your view of Lowe's long-term strategy and how do you feel about the combination of stable dividends and investment in growth?

$231.23 $0.99 +0.43%

It's an interesting company and if I wanted to invest in this sector I would definitely be interested in this company. However, I personally don't like this sector very much and so I put my money elsewhere.

I spotted the company at the end when it was still under $200 to buy, unfortunately I didn't, I was still worried about the Fed and regarding the possible so growth problem in construction due to high rates. Well, mistake, it took off quite nicely after that. Now I think the price is around its average now and I don't want to go into it much more, I don't have the sector in my portfolio at all though and if it dropped I probably wouldn't hesitate a second time. Are you considering it? 😊