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Patience - an example that pays off.

Hello Investors. Today I want to write a little bit of a personal feeling, purely without any information, news from the world of investing. I will give a practical example, mostly for newbies, how important it is to keep your nerves, be patient and not panic. 😊 (of course, keep track of the information all the time, so you know that a slump does not equal bankruptcy)

We are all starting out and in this world of investing it's cord to see. I started investing in the stock market, (broker) turn of August/September 2022. I made a lot of mistakes in the beginning which I can see today. But I'm sure I'll still make mistakes. It's part of life.

A purchase that went down from the next day and only now, after a year and a few months, has come back into positive numbers. On January 4, 2023, I was buying my first position in PayPal. Back then, a $100 purchase at a price of $77.44. If you look at the price, already low at that time in terms of ATH positions from where the stock was falling. 😊 I was tempted and entered. The stock continued to plummet and I thought, what the hell am I going to do. Another drop. Plus after the end of 2022 when the markets ended in a slump, the S&P500 I think then something like 20% minus.



$63.26 -$0.17 -0.27%
1 Day
5 Days
1 Month
6 Months
1 Year
5 Years

I overbought 6 more times during the year. Initially I was hoping for their early play with the crypto world and then on the abilities of the newly elected CEO. I admit I didn't do much analysis in the early days. Gradually with further dilution I got to a $64.57 buy. Yes, it could have gone lower, the price was below 60$ for quite a few days ...but I didn't want to give it any more dilution and preferred to wait.

Well yesterday, 3/20/2024 ... so in a year and 3 months approx my position is back in the green. 🍀 I hold the position because I think PayPal can still grow. Not back to ATH, that's for sure, but I put that target somewhere between 75-80$ and that's where I'll consider picking it.

So as you can see my friends, patience pays and I wanted to share this with you so that if there are those who then "hang their heads" as they say from the downturn, it's not always bad. Yes, it is necessary if something is going down to find a reason why and go through the so called health of the company, but definitely don't panic and think ahead. 😊

Feel free to share your experiences, instances where you have "landed" a slump and how? Or if you sold something hastily?

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