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🌐Interesting news in the world AI🖥️

Microsoft $MSFT-1.4% CEO SatyaNadella announced an exciting collaboration with Nvidia $NVDA-2.7%, with this collaboration he plans to bring new benefits and increase productivity for customers around the world.



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$881.95 -$24.21 -2.67%
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The main new feature is the integration of the company's superchips Nvidia into Microsoft Azure This promises a promising future for the company! This innovative technology will take artificial intelligence and machine learning to the next level. 📈 With this enhancement Azure we can expect state-of-the-art AI solutions that can handle huge data and complex tasks! We are also introducing Nvidia DGX Cloud to Microsoft Fabric, streamlining the development of custom AI models using customer data. Microsoft Copilot is also enhanced with technologies from Nvidia and accelerated computing platforms. New generative AI services from the company Nvidia are available for enterprise, developer and healthcare applications within Microsoft Azure AI.

For me, this is very exciting news that will strengthen the position of both companies. What do you think about this collaboration?

It's a nice collaboration, but I like $AAPL'+0.9% s collaboration with $GOOG-1.0% better. Of course, there is only one reason and that is that I have AAPL and GOOG stocks in my portfolio. I don't have NVDA or MSFT in my portfolio.

Then it's obvious you like the collaboration better! 🤣 I have MSFT and I am very satisfied.

Oh, yeah, I get it :D

Great information and cooperation too. As David writes, all the megacaps are great that we have here, but this will only boost these two players more and more. Damn I'm annoyed that I didn't invest in $NVDA-2.7% and when I stumbled upon it I thought it was too late, but I guess it's not ...I kept thinking how expensive it is and now I'm thinking that the $1k per Nvidia piece milestone probably won't be impossible. 😊

There would probably be more of those who didn't invest in Nvidia, even at 500$ I thought it was expensive... But I have a position at Microsoft and I don't plan to sell, so I was very pleased with this news.

Yes, I totally agree and I have the same, I also have MSFT although only one share because I didn't have more money then and today, same feeling, it is already expensive, although who knows, in 5 years I will say to myself that I should have bought still maybe in the form of DCA. Who knows.😁

I always think so too, I would believe MSFT in particular will be a completely different place in 5 years. But at today's price, it's expensive for me.

Very interesting collaboration, I must say...

It takes Microsoft's AI to a whole new level.

I have absolutely no doubt about that.

Wow, I'm building one interesting dpolupration after another:)