S&P 500 ^GSPC 5,070.55 +1.20%
Nvidia NVDA $824.18 +3.65%
Meta META $495.78 +2.92%
Tesla TSLA $144.61 +1.80%
Microsoft MSFT $407.06 +1.52%
Amazon AMZN $179.52 +1.29%
Alphabet GOOG $159.92 +1.25%
Apple AAPL $166.82 +0.59%

📈💼 AT&T: A new direction for growth! 💼📈

AT&T $T, one of the leading global telecommunications companies, has risen over the years to become a key player in the world of telecommunications, currently holding the top spot, with Verizon $VZ+2.8% right behind . AT&T's network provides a wide range of services, including mobile and landline, internet, television and other digital products.

The company has been successfully expanding its wireless business, adding new wireless customers each quarter hundreds of thousands of new customers each quarter. It is also expanding its reach into fiber optic Internet, which is delivering revenue growth. In contrast, legacy wireline services are gradually phasing out.

Revenue from wireline services for businesses fell by 7,3 % and operating income by as much as 43,7 %. However, AT&T is developing a strategy to turn this around .



$16.50 $0.19 +1.16%


$16.50 $0.19 +1.16%
Fair Price: $31.88
Rtjori: 70.78%
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🔝 5G as a key step

AT&T announced the launch of its service AT&T Internet Airusing the network 5G to deliver the Internet. The service is becoming available nationwide, presenting a convenient alternative where there is no fiber optic connection.

Despite the speed and stability of fiber optic internet, it may be more attractive for businesses to Internet Air. With no installation required and competitive pricing, AT&T is targeting its offerings at businesses where fiber optic connectivity is not an ideal option.

AT&T shares are still enticing 💰

Even though AT&Tstock has recovered from its lows, it's still about 40 % below pre-pandemic levels. With the expected cash flow in the billions of dollars and new growth strategies, AT&T has the potential to move further in share price.

What is your favorite player in the telecom market, do you have any representatives in your portfolio ?

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