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📈 Interesting move by Medical Properties Trust $MPW! 🏥

MPW share price rose by more than 25% after the opening bell ! 🚀

Medical Properties Trust is a real estate investment company focused on real estate in the healthcare. Their portfolio includes hospitals, outpatient centers and other medical facilities. MPW focuses on leasing these properties to healthcare organizations, providing them with stable income.

The company has announced the sale of interests in several hospitals! The transaction in Utah has just closed, at a stunning $886 million. 🤔

MPW has decided to sell the majority of its holdings in five hospitals in Utahthat are currently leased to a subsidiary CommonSpirit Health.

The company is looking to raise much-needed cash. According to its annual report. 2023 the company is in dire straits due to the financial problems of its largest tenant, Steward Health Care..

CEO, Edward K. Aldag Jr.explained that despite this volatility, the dividend will not be changed and announced a quarterly payout of $0.15 per share. The company hopes to generate cash of at least $2 billion.

Fair Price: $4.04
Sdbhfq: 4.24%
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What is your opinion of this company? Does this growth seem excessive to you?

At one time I was quite attracted to these stocks, but currently not at all. I don't want to take that risk and it would be just speculation for me.

Exactly, for me also very risky and there are definitely more interesting pieces on the market.