S&P 500 ^GSPC 5,304.72 +0.70%
Tesla TSLA $179.24 +3.17%
Meta META $478.22 +2.67%
Nvidia NVDA $1,064.69 +2.57%
Apple AAPL $189.98 +1.66%
Microsoft MSFT $430.16 +0.74%
Alphabet GOOG $176.33 +0.73%
Amazon AMZN $180.75 -0.17%

Immediately after the market opened I closed my position on $META+2.7%

It was a buy from last night - a strangle (option strategy - you buy one call and one put). To make a profit on this trade, there has to be a really significant move in the stock.

Given that Meta stock opened at a plus 14% after the beat, that was enough to give my position a 300% appreciation.



$478.22 $12.44 +2.67%

These earnings over earnings trades are very risky and speculative, but with such a positive RRR (Risk Reward Ratio) it was worth it for me to try a third time. The previous 2 quarters I did the same thing on Meta and the appreciation was also higher due to larger moves.

That's great, how exactly does that work?

Really nice and you deserve respect.

Good job.👍

Great job!🙏

Nice 😍😇