Google $GOOG+0.7% is up +18% in the last 3 weeks since the quarterly results were released. It is thus at its highest levels since last August.

The stock has gained nearly 50% since its November low.

Who is holding the stock and who has decided to reduce the position?

$125.23 $0.86 (+0.69%)
1 Day
5 Days
1 Month
6 Months
1 Year
5 Years

I would say that the price of $GOOGL+0.8% is still not at its ceiling, Google still has room to grow.

I definitely agree with that. Now the question is whether he will go straight to it or take a break along the way in the near future.

Exactly, I see it the same way.

The price still looks very nice to me so far and the company/sector has room to grow, so there is no reason to dump the stock before the end of the time test. As the economy recovers, advertising costs will go back up, management will finally start to focus better on what they do best and what the competition is after. I don't see many better opportunities in the market right now.

I bought nicely, slowly selling off to balance out the portfolio.

Fortunately, I shopped at a nice price and I'm still holding.

I'm still holding, but I'm buying under $100, specifically at 96 average. Then I didn't add when it held around 105$ for about a week, maybe a mistake, gains would have been even better. 😃💰

So if it's an investment, these moves mean nothing. Better to wait😅

Definitely, I'm still holding and I will, I'm just not buying right now. Anyone buying now? 😊

I'd say the share price below $100 is already a nice price to buy.

I would have bought under $100 for a song, I was buying what I could back then. 😊

I'm holding :)


I'm just a little hurt now that we didn't buy more in the fall :D

I keep on keeping on 😎

Me too👍

Yesterday I dropped the whole position to +30%. I believe it will drop at least a little.

Now that's a nice assessment👍

Still hold👊