Hey, investors.

I've been interested in the healthcare sector quite a bit lately. Because I see a lot of potential in it.

Medicine in general has made huge strides recently, whether it's the production of weight loss drugs, for example, or the production of robots for surgery.

I have $JNJ-0.2% and $CVS+0.0% in my portfolio so far, but I'm still thinking about $MDT+0.7%, which is the company that makes the robots for surgery.

$83.73 $0.63 +0.76%
Capital Structure
Market Cap
Enterpr. Val.

How do you look at this sector and do you have any stocks from this sector in your portfolio?

I have $CVS+0.0% and I'm still watching $PFE-0.3%. Exceedingly good prices, I'd say. 😁

I agree, $PFE-0.3% is at a really nice price point.

Since the positive news about diet pills (you may have seen my recent post), the price is practically back again. Great opportunity.


Yeah, that's for sure😁

I don't follow Medtronic, so I can't give you much advice here. For myself, I like JNJ, CVS and LLY.

I'm not familiar with LLY, but I will definitely check this company out.

Thank you for the tip

In the long run, I'm still considering Moderna or Pfizer basically based on this article. It says they have a significant scientific lead that will be apparent by the end of the decade


I've been thinking about these companies too. I personally like Pfizer $PFE-0.3% better.

Thank you for the link

I have$CVS+0.0% in my portfolio, it's a great company. I don't study the others in detail, but the future is promising in this sector.

I have$CVS+0.0% in my portfolio as well and I agree with you. It's a great company.