do you have $MCD-0.2% in your portfolio? For me, along with $PEP+0.0% and $KO+0.2%, it was the first stock, so bought relatively cheaply. How do you view $MCD-0.2% in terms of future growth/decline and their overall future ?

They've been plugging and testing orders within McDrive using AI over the last year and they've been pretty successful, meaning they could have lower costs and higher profits.

$285.30 -$0.48 -0.17%
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I would expect more of a longer consolidation sideways with $MCD-0.2%, but it's definitely nice to diversify outside of tech etc. Awesome stock that is definitely worth holding for the long term I think :)

Agreed :)

I think this company is going to be here with us for a few more years or decades. I'd love to buy $PEP+0.0%, $KO+0.2% and $MCD-0.2%, but I'll probably have to wait a while for the lower price point :)

One day it will jump down a bit and there will be an opportunity:)

Perhaps sooner or later something will move the price. I wish it would come down so I could jump in. I want these companies in my portfolio just because of my fondness for their products 😁.

I understand that, plus dividends are a great way to passive income for me:)

I'm sure. I love watching it build up over time. 😊

As soon as someone in a fast food chain is necessarily looking for AI involvement, I guess they really need to slow down a bit;) recently I listened to an interview with the CEO of $KO+0.2% where they also "had" to give this wave a lot of space and I didn't understand what they were trying to tell me and what the benefits would be. MCD is a chain of buildings where junk food and drinks are sold, there is no point in looking beyond that. When the valuation is comparable to the 10y median then it makes sense to consider buying.

I struggle a lot with having junk food to tell you the truth, partly because I have young children and I don't really want to encourage it, but then again it's hypocritical to own a Pepsi or CocaCola too. On the other hand, maybe they'll eventually have to reshape this too, for example in Latin America they have tortilla, vegetable and fruit salad (and a toy toy of course) in those kids' menus...I was just thinking about this recently as part of a post someone was giving on ethics

I understand that, but you also need to assess how addictive their food is. Probably can't put it in the same category with tobacco or gambling If everyone lived healthy, then farm companies wouldn't do so well;)

I bought$MCD-0.2% at prices around $200 and sold part of the position. It's still a stable dividend, it's just quite expensive at the moment...

Currently yes, it's hard to say if it will go down so that it can be restocked

That's the question. It's up at the moment and the markets would benefit from a correction overall.

I don't, I'm betting on a price drop.

I don't have an overview, but it will probably depend on where they can move next and where they can continue to open new stores and gain more customers. Either way it's a very stable business, I wouldn't worry about the future.

I like a lot that in the last few years a lot of branches are adapting to the country they are in and generally "innovating", just moving with the times. So even if there is a legislative change within healthy food, they adapt, they can implement changes quickly.