Ford partners with Tesla $F+2.0% $TSLA-4.2%

Ford will switch to Tesla's plug-in hybrids, and by 2025, next-generation Ford vehicles will be able to use a very large network of superchargers. Current models will require the use of an adapter. So Ford won't have to build its own network.

Supercharger network in the US

The connector in question is called NACS (North American Charging Standard). The advantage of NACS over its CCS counterpart is its compactness and easier handling.

Could NACS become the new standard in the USA? We'll see if other automakers follow suit.

Ford's share price rose more than 6% on the news. 🟢

This is a pretty smart move by Ford!

Absolutely. They put customers first, and that will bear fruit.

Just so that they don't grossly subsidize the supercharger lease and Tesla doesn't just suck them dry, but they can somehow monetize it well from customers.

Great news for electromobility.

It's definitely a good deal for Ford to be able to use something that's already built and not have to put so much into it.

100%. What are we going to think, Ford isn't handling the transition to EV very well. No doubt that could change in the near future.

It is very Interesting for me.

I also read this last night and super collaborative I think and good for both companies. It's good that companies like this will collaborate on something rather than having all the competitors in the industry at each other's throats. I like it and I think it will show in the stock price, $TSLA-4.2% went up nicely yesterday. 😁4,72%

That's right. I bow down to Ford for putting what's good and necessary ahead of their egos. 👍