S&P 500 ^GSPC 5,303.27 +0.12%
Nvidia NVDA $924.79 -1.99%
Tesla TSLA $177.58 +1.57%
Alphabet GOOG $177.29 +1.06%
Amazon AMZN $184.70 +0.58%
Meta META $471.91 -0.28%
Microsoft MSFT $420.21 -0.19%
Apple AAPL $189.87 +0.02%

I started investing at 15 with that, I bought sp500 and at 16 I bought my first stock and that was $AAPL+0.0% at $132 and I've been holding ever since. So the appreciation is nice, but I have a lot of setbacks and mistakes to come.

Otherwise, I started investing when I was 14.

Where can I buy shares from 16?

I don't want to dissect it here, but this can be arranged, for example, through an adult in the family. I think that's how most people under 18 do it.

The beginning of the caved and the markets crashing, I stuffed everything I had in my savings account into stocks and cryptos because it seemed like a great opportunity (either the world is going to end or it's going to pick up) and I mainly bought the travel companies that got probably the most($BKNG-0.7% $DAL+0.4% $AAL-0.4% ) and I still hold those :)

Awesome, keep it up!😌

So I need another world pandemic... :-D

Well I started sometime in 20/21 not stocks but cryptos. Well what can I say, it was a track school. 😂😂😂 - about 200K.😂😂😂 The first stock I ever bought was $KO-0.4% which I still have.

My goodness, that's a big loss on the first investment, did it go to the crypt all in? :D What kind of cryptocurrency was it exactly?

I don't think total shit even exists anymore. But it looked very promising at the time. But I was at the beginning of my investment journey, so I didn't know much about it. Nowadays I avoid such things, and this experience has saved money for people in my area. So it was good for something after all. 😉