S&P 500 ^GSPC 5,319.28 -0.04%
Tesla TSLA $179.79 -3.65%
Alphabet GOOG $177.06 -1.38%
Meta META $470.21 +1.20%
Apple AAPL $191.14 -0.63%
Nvidia NVDA $948.30 -0.58%
Microsoft MSFT $429.92 +0.21%
Amazon AMZN $183.05 -0.05%

I wouldn't really get into telecommunications right now, given the way Amazon is going at it :)

Not buying

Not at the moment. I'll give it a moment and then we'll see😅

I'm honestly afraid of that. If Amazon goes with a rival company, it could turn out badly.

Be careful, it's because of Amazonization, I think this is what Vávra warned about once. And I quite agree with him. I don't think companies like Verizon are existentially threatened, but when one of the biggest companies gets into an area, they pull a lot of money down. That's a fact 🤔

How am I to understand this? Who's in their business?

Yes, I bought 7 more VZ shares today 😎

Peck! 🤘🏼