S&P 500 ^GSPC 5,071.63 +0.02%
Tesla TSLA $162.13 +12.06%
Nvidia NVDA $796.77 -3.33%
Amazon AMZN $176.59 -1.64%
Apple AAPL $169.02 +1.27%
Alphabet GOOG $161.10 +0.74%
Meta META $493.50 -0.52%
Microsoft MSFT $409.06 +0.37%

Wow, that's quite a descent...

Id. I wonder what the stock will be worth at the end of the week

I'll also try to remember and check it out :)

I see they own Czech PPL, I didn't know that. The drop is really big. Maybe it was a bit expected because of the cooling compared to the covid, but still...

That's what I'm wondering, the cooling after covid seems to me that just for freight and global transport it might not have such a huge impact, but when you add more expensive energy etc...

I have no idea how big a role it could play in this, but maybe the more expensive fuel in such an industry will do its part.

The stock is obviously reacting a lot to this. They've been pretty high for a company that has these results. At least they're getting closer to a more attractive valuation :)

I wonder how much it's gonna drop today.

Looks like a lot. So far, it still hasn't stopped and the fall continues...

A 33% year-over-year drop in net income is quite a lot. I see the stock is down 4% today, but for the year it's up over 20%, which is quite nice.

It's a lot of well...I wonder how big the drop will be now