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This is literally a BIG MOVE for Apple $AAPL+0.8%! 👇

Apple will save billions of dollars in chip manufacturing costs for new iPhones in 2023. This is due to the move to a more advanced 4nm manufacturing process. Apple buys tens of billions of dollars worth of chips each year for its products, especially iPhones. Currently, the chips are manufactured using a 5nm process, but TSMC is about to switch to an even more advanced 4nm process...



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This process will allow chips to be produced with higher performance and lower power consumption while maintaining the same chip size. What this means for Apple is that it will be able to order the same amount of chips as before, but TSMC's 4nm chips will be roughly 10% cheaper per unit. Given the volume of chip purchases for iPhones, this is a multi-billion dollar savings for Apple. Thus, the move to the 4nm process will both save Apple costs and maintain or even improve the performance of the chips in the iPhone. This will help Apple maintain the high competitiveness of iPhones, especially against Samsung, which lags behind in chip development. With the timely transition to the 4nm process with TSMC, Apple is also likely to maintain its lead over other smartphone makers.

That's great information and thank you for it. Otherwise, as has been written here $AAPL+0.8% is slowly declining and if it continues to decline I might buy a little more.

Decent washout today. I think it takes more than that to make the price reasonable. But funny how the market reacts on news like this.

So this is very interesting news and could help the company nicely. Great for "us" apples. 😂 Plus, the price is probably going into a correction now after the hype so they could slowly be looming up. What is an attractive price for you to buy? 😊

That's great, keep it up. :)

Can I ask for the source? I have tried to search and I don't see any news about the term and name of the cypher anywhere. Is it a new type i.e. 15/15Pro or 14/14Pro? Should it be the A17 Bionic?

Nice :)