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Nvidia NVDA $795.18 +4.35%
Tesla TSLA $142.05 -3.40%
Amazon AMZN $177.23 +1.49%
Alphabet GOOG $157.95 +1.43%
Apple AAPL $165.84 +0.51%
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Meta META $481.73 +0.14%

US pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly and Company reported its results today, which beat expectations and $LLY+0.7% shares are up more than 15% in response. Fundamentals are quite solid and the stock is up over 40% for the year, which I like and since I see potential in healthcare and I like pharmaceutical and medical companies, I like this company even more :D. The stock may be up, but so is the price. If I decided to buy this stock, I would buy at $370 and below.

How do you view this company and do you have $LLY+0.7% stock included in your portfolio?


Eli Lilly

$731.33 $5.02 +0.69%

In Patria's coverage, there's one more link "Unexpectedly good quarterly numbers came together today with results from Novo Nordisk's clinical trial for rival Wegova. As Mounjaro is based on a similar principle (GLP-1/GIP analogue), its indication is expected to be extended to cardiovascular disease in the future as well."