I've been thinking about that, too. I'll take a closer look at this company, but in the long run I probably wouldn't be afraid to buy at the current price.

I still see a lot of growth potential there:) so I hope I'm not wrong

Also, Amazon is simply a giant that will grow, whether by itself or by acquisitions, etc... it will be here with us for a long time.

I see it the same way, I also see the potential there and I believe that the company will thrive.

In the long run, Amazon is probably a pretty safe bet... just like Microsoft, Apple, etc.. :)

I feel the same way:)

Yep, we'll see what he can do. :)

I'm very curious about his telco and medic experiments :) I'm just sorry that here in our country the show is not much and we have to watch it from afar...

I don't believe I could significantly beat the index with it at this price, so nothing for me. Otherwise, though, I would think Amazon would be comfortable letting me buy in regularly.

I understand that. An index is an index :)

I see Amazon in a similar way, a giant that still has something to offer and I trust it for the future.

Great. I think it's a cool move that he included online pharmacies.

Yeah, I agree, it might help him in the future.