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Shares of $NKE-0.5% are down more than 15% this year. For me, Nike is a great company with great products. I wouldn't be afraid at all to include this company's stock in my portfolio as it's a nice business and I think the company will continue to do well. If the share price of $NKE-0.5% drops to $85, I wouldn't be afraid to buy.

How do you view this company and at what price would you buy $NKE-0.5%?



$95.25 -$0.49 -0.51%
1 Day
5 Days
1 Month
6 Months
1 Year
5 Years

I like Nike as a customer but I don't dare to guess how they are doing as a company...

$NKE-0.5% is the perfect company for me and at this price why not, I'd go for it.

I totally agree :D

Are you looking at the competing adidas?

Great. I bought this week at 97 and if it goes lower, I'll be buying more. They're great!

Thanks, I've gained weight!

I've got her in my crosshairs, and so far I'm watching

I follow the stock, I like the brand too and the price is good enough for me around $90 when it gets going. I've had it in my portfolio once before and sold at a profit, this time I'd probably leave it for longer.

I would also consider a bad purchase around 90

I'm hoping it gets there, at least into the $90-95 range, then I'll definitely be shopping.

Great, that price of around $90 is also nice and I would also hold NKE stock for a longer period of time.

Yes, as I wrote just above, 90-95% will be interesting for me to buy and I think we will look there, after all, as consumer power slowly cools down, there could be a reduction, but in the long run they will rise again, I would not be worried about that.