I was buying $CVS-1.0%, $PFE-0.5%, $O-0.9%, $BAC-1.5% and selling $MMM-0.5%.

That was a pretty active week 👌

Yes it was quite a bit, but now I need to save some money again :D

Nice buy. I just watched, I see the next two weeks more active :)

I understand:)


Great :)

$MC.PA I'm planning on buying, too.

Great :)

The$BRK-B-0.9% is the second investment I would choose after the SP500 if I didn't have an active approach to investing.

And I'll add that I have not been active in the market this week. I just followed the price alerts but did not take any action. Opportunities will come and maybe better.

There will be plenty more opportunities :)


I bought ASML and NIKE this week.

Great. Nike is on my radar too :)

Berkshire Hathaway certainly doesn't offend.

Absolutely not :)