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So today the markets ripped up, which is great! 🚀 Let's enjoy a green Tuesday.

The main news today that is the catalyst for this rise is the drop in jobs. Even dropping below 9 million for the first time since March 2021. So this data shows us that markets are cooling and that is exactly what the Fed wants and is looking at when raising interest rates. I haven't looked at the various percentage estimates yet, but that they would raise again at the next meeting was small and after this report I think it's almost a given that rates will be left unraised in September.

So the specific numbers are, for July there were 8.8 million job openings, down from 9.16 million job openings in June. Economists surveyed by Bloomberg had expected 9.5 million openings in July.

So let's see how long this enthusiasm lasts. What do you think, my friends? 😊 I personally like to see this of course, but I would also think that there is still plenty of time before the end of the year, various data will come in and still the Fed will consider further increases in my opinion, after this expected pause. 😊

I wonder what it will do in the fall

Well it is said that from a historical perspective September is no less friendly for the markets, so we will see.

So it might be nice to buy:)

Since my portfolio is currently all long term, the green day has rather the opposite effect on me. I don't want to collect anything, rather buy.

Sort of... Downturns would sometimes be more comfortable in long term investing.

Agreed, I don't buy in the greens nowadays either, but in the dips. 👍

I understand and I have it too, like I'm glad when the drops are not as big as last year, but I still have enough cash and I'd rather see it lower, but still, I don't know how you have it, but even when it falls, you think, well, I'll wait, what if it falls a little bit more, and then there's a day like yesterday and it's too late...so I said I don't buy on a green day, usually there's a correction so I prefer to buy when it's going down.

The growth is very nice👍If it lasts until the end of the week or even the next one, I would really love those markets😅

I mean, so much so😂 I'd rather curse myself because I'm holding about 30% cash and if it were to grow like this for another week, hell, I wouldn't be able to buy. 😂 No but today was great of course but personally I don't think this will be the case for the next few days.

Well, I have a call spread there, so it would really come in handy :)

I didn't expect such a big growth, not only did we get to the 50-day moving average very quickly, but we even shot through it.

P.S. I wouldn't be mad for a minor correction 😉 if it drops a bit tomorrow, that would be nice.

Agreed, it kind of scares me too, because I still keep about 30% cash and I definitely didn't manage to invest it, on the contrary, I was expecting a bit more drop, I have alerts set everywhere for lower prices when I want to do a buy up. But as you write, today was simply a reaction to the jobs report, the market is taking it as good news for the Fed that there will be no increase ... but yes there won't be one now, anyway by the end of the year I think there will be one more and that will send prices back up again in my opinion. So hopefully we'll still be buying. 😊

So today I learned the advantage of the Iron Condor. When the markets rise like this, it doesn't do him any good. Just sell off the CALL side, and it's a put credit spread, which is good for market growth. If we go up, there's still room for a small profit. If we go down, I'll add the CALL side again and move on. 😉

It's all up to the Fed now, come September and that's statistically the worst month in the market. But I believe they will not raise rates at the next meeting. I just don't fit Michael Burry's short into the current situation. And I was expecting a mild recession and a stock market crash myself, but that's not likely to happen based on the known data. We'll see...

Well it doesn't fit Burry, but who knows, plus he may have his putts with a longer expiration, he also has a lot of capital for sure so he may outlast something. It's great here, we're going up today but as I write in the conclusion, I wouldn't fall into "euphoria" yet because yes, the data is good today, the Fed probably won't hike in September, but then it might as well, because to push inflation to 2% I think I'll still have to anyway and so the market will return to where it was a few days ago. I think it's going to be this sideways for the rest of the year. But we'll see ...😊

Sure, so you need to have cash ready and in case of a downturn you need to put it in 😂 We'll see how the whole situation develops, for now I'm buying undervalued titles for my dividend portfolio.