The holiday time is slowly coming to an end and I was surprised to see that $ABNB-0.4%, despite the fact that summer should be their main season, has written off around 11% in the last month, somehow I thought at the beginning of the holiday season that they would strengthen 🤔 How do you feel about it? Do you own shares of $ABNB-0.4%?

$132.20 -$0.55 -0.41%
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I would also expect more of a growth stock, even though it's summer. Otherwise, I don't own ABNB stock, but I'm watching from afar.

I don't regret it, I bought low:)

The$ABNB-0.4% will soon go into the SP500, which is very good news. But it was probably expected. I don't own the stock, but I use the service.

Great, this could make the stock stronger:)

I don't use those services that much... 😁😁

For some, the holiday season is ending, and for others it is beginning. I wouldn't see summer as such a strong season. Globally, I think it's going to average out. It's the end of the season in some places and the beginning of the season in others.

That's true :) plus it's not just about holidays,but business trips are also very popular

That's right.

I had them, but I bought them from the beginning of the summer and only had them for the "season", sold them at a profit when they started to drop, now I don't plan on buying them.

That's awesome, I've had them for a while now and luckily I was buying on the low end but it would be nice if they went up more

So that's also great if you've got the shopping down, I wouldn't worry you'll "survive" the winter even if in a slight slump and long term I think this form of accommodation will be with us.

Their business definitely picked up over the summer, but the traders were off, so nothing was happening from that perspective. They could have good sales by the end of the year and before Christmas, so it could grow :)

Interesting, I hadn't thought of it that way:)