Investors, do you have experience with financial "advisors" (salespeople)? :) Since I'm quite young, more and more people are starting to gather around me who just finished school with a high school diploma or failed their university studies, and in 2 weeks they are the biggest financial experts, offering me their "great" financial products, listing and calling... :)

Actually, I don't even know what I like least about it, I would list a pretty long list of things I fundamentally disagree with. Do you have experience with this and these people too? How do you view this whole "business"?

PS: I'm not referring to independent financial advisors or people who have been doing this all their lives and have at least some knowledge.

At the moment, most people I've spoken to, including those within the bank, know even less than I do :D and I feel like I don't know much. Plus they will recommend the product they get the most commission from certain companies :( on the other hand, I guess not everyone will be like that. For example, I started investing thanks to a gentleman who did investments at the bank where I had an account and I still benefit from it today

I'm lucky I don't get any of those calls or texts. I think that some good financial advisors are either for the very rich or people who have no idea about investing like stocks and stuff, but want to invest... But at least for me, it's not anything super complicated as far as like investing in SP500 or entering 3 indices and automatically putting a portion of your paycheck into them is something anyone can do. The question is why do you need an advisor then you just need Google and a little time... For the very rich it makes sense, but there are already those financial advisors on a different level than those who try it on you, at the same time such people will not be interested in people who have smaller investments, because it is not worth their time, no less to go back to the beginning, so as a poor person who wants to invest and diversify, you can not know perfectly all the sectors and there, in my opinion, such a person is already useful. It's just my opinion I'm not saying it has to be true and I'm not trying to insult anyone here as a financial advisor so please take it that way. :)

True, but still, if I'm already working hard for my money, I don't need a "jerk" who will show me their investment calculator and tell me exactly how much I'll make and how great it will be and give me the best insurance... Oh, how much the poor guy loses in fees. :D If I want to do something like that, I'll sit down for a few days and arrange my investment myself, e.g. through a passive. ETFS. Or I'll even set up a simple port. I guess I'm too much of an optimist and not many people think like that. I'm just referring to the type of fin. "sellers". Typically from firms like ProsperityFS etc.